German WW2 SS Waffen and Heer Postcard Recruitment set of 15

This listing in no way supports or approves of any ideology. However, only by remembering ideas can we defeat them. Forget them or ban them and they will return to haunt us.

You are bidding on a set of 15 Postcard size Waffen SS recruitment posters - images taken from the original posters.

13 are normal Postcard size and 2 are Large Postcard size.

The Postcards illustrate recruitment at home and in occupied countries.

- Waffen SS (1941)

- Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler

- SS Regiment Nordland (Norway)

- 'For Denmark - Fight Communism'

- British Free Corps - recruitment from POW Camps with text on rear.

- Norse - Norway Ski Battalion

- Herman Goering Panzer Grenadiers 'Come with us'

- 'Only a German Victory will free Europe'

- France - 'Charlemagne - Fight Bolshevism'

- Belgium Langemark

- Legion Italiana

- SS Officer - 'Your Future'

- Estonia 20th Division

- France - 'Join your comrades in the fight'

The backs are blank - except the British Free Corps. One !

Item will be sent First Class in a Post Office hardback 'Do Not Bend' envelope.

If on receipt of the item for any reason you are dissatisfied then you have the option to return (in the envelope) for a full refund.
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