German WW2 SS Waffen and Heer Postcard Recruitment set of 15

You are bidding on a set of 15 Postcard size Waffen SS recruitment posters - images taken from the original posters.

13 are normal Postcard size and 2 are Large Postcard size.

The Postcards illustrate recruitment at home and in occupied countries.

- Waffen SS (1941)

- Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler

- SS Regiment Nordland (Norway)

- 'For Denmark - Fight Communism'

- British Free Corps - recruitment from POW Camps with text on rear.

- Norse - Norway Ski Battalion

- Herman Goering Panzer Grenadiers 'Come with us'

- 'Only a German Victory will free Europe'

- France - 'Charlemagne - Fight Bolshevism'

- Belgium Langemark

- Legion Italiana

- SS Officer - 'Your Future'

- Estonia 20th Division

- France - 'Join your comrades in the fight'

The backs are blank - except the British Free Corps. One !

Item will be sent First Class in a Post Office hardback 'Do Not Bend' envelope.

If on receipt of the item for any reason you are dissatisfied then you have the option to return (in the envelope) for a full refund.

I do not post to Germany , Switzerland or Austria.