German WWII Tools - Recovered from Prinz Eugen

These are German world war 2 tools recovered from the German ship the Prinz Eugen.
We received the tools from the man who recovered them from the sunken ship -- below is a picture of the man
who recovered the tools from the ship in 1970.
We sold the diving helmet on ebay in our last auction. Below is a photo of the close of auction.
More information about the Prinz Eugen can be found on wikipedia.
She was awarded to the United States and commissioned into the US Navy as the unclassified miscellaneous vessel USS Prinz Eugen (IX-300). Her very large GHG passive sonar array was removed and installed on the submarine USS Flying Fish for testing. [4] After examination and tests she was allocated to the target fleet for the Operation Crossroads atomic bomb tests. She survived the Able and Baker tests (July 1946) but was too radioactive to have leaks repaired. In September 1946 she was towed to Kwajalein Atoll and capsized on 22 December 1946 over Enubuj reef w she remains to this day (8°45'9.49"N167°40'59.60"E). In 1978 her port propeller was salvaged and is preserved at the German Naval Memorial at Laboe .
Below you will also find scans from an article which details the recovery of objects taken from the sunken Prinz Eugen
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