German WWII WW2 S. Mine 35 44 Fuse Divider Adapter Set

ACHTUNG EBAY!!!! THIS ITEM IS TOTALLY INERT AND MADE INOPERABLE AND UNREFILLEABLE. IT IS A TOTAL RELIC AND IS SOLD ONLY AS A COLLECTIBLE. COMPLIES WITH ALL RULES!!!This item will be shipped AFTER my return from Czech Republic around 18th Feb. The buyer is not obliged to send the payment during the week after auctions end, but I would encourage doing that, since the item would be shipped faster after my return.Original triple dividers for the bouncing betty German mines. Contain one S.Mi.Z. 35 fuse and two Z.Z.42 fuses each. In good condition, some minor pitting. Both central fuses marked "cwa". The backelite fuses have small cracks on the base - nothing serious as they are still solid. Without these you SMI35 or 44 will never be complete! One bid, one divider. Shipping to the US is 15$ priority registered mail to the US.