German ZF 41/1 Type II Rifle Scope

This auction is for a German WWII rifle scope. I have done my research and have relisted this item hopefully with a more thorough description. This scope is a ZF 41/1 Type II. It has the scope mount attached as you see in the pictures. On the barrel of the scope t is stamping that reads "dot", below that is a "+", and below that is "ZF 41/1". On the mount t is stamping that reads "duv" and below that "24". Clarity of these lense is very good, and all crosshairs are very visible. This piece appears to be in good to very good condition. The case does have rust, but nothing is broken and hinge, closure and belt all work perfectly. Inside of the lid are three cleaning clothes stored inside the hinge door, again in perfect working condition. Inside of the bottom of the case is a formed wooden piece designed to hold the scope securely. Case is felt lined for protection, and is in good condition. Back side of lid has "jvb" stamped into it. That is all I can think to describe. If you have any questions, please e-mail me and I will do my best to answer as accurately as possible! Please check feedback score for assurance, and thanks for taking a look at this auction!