GERMANY Halberstadt Roland Statue !! Steel Engraving

Town Hall at Halberstadt,Germany Another Quality Print from Martin2001 Type of print: Steel engraving - Original vintage antique print Year of printing: 1875 Artist - Engraver - Publisher: C. Werner - Joubert - Appleton & Co., New York.
Click to see more prints from the same source. Condition: Excellent - Very good - Good - Fair Overall size of print in inches: 9 x 12 1/2, size of image: 6 x 9 (1 inch = 2,54 cm) Type of paper: Thick to Heavier - Medium heavy - Slightly heavier - Thin Reverse side: Blank - With text and/or pictures Notes: See shipping rates, return, payment policies, etc. at the bottom of page. Description: "We now left Wernigerode, and travelled some ten or twelve miles down the same valley, that of the Holzemme, arriving at Halberstadt, a large busy city of 41,000 inhabitants. It is also a very ancient city, for it is said that a bishop's see was founded by Charlemagne as far back as the year 804. In the year 989, Halberstadt was granted " vekehrsrecht," i.e., the right to carry on commerce. The orincipal street, of Halberstadt is the " Breite Weg," or "Broad Way." At the end of the street are the towers of the Gothic Church of St. Martin, which dates from 1350. These St. Martin towers have 120 steps, and we carried the camera up these steps to obtain a view of the cathedral, which is so closely surrounded
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