Gerry Anderson's Supercar Diecast Model

Gerry Anderson's


Made by Product Enterprise Ltd in 2005

This is the diecast colorized model of Supercar from the early 1960’s puppet series created by, the legend of children’s sci-fi adventures, Gerry Anderson.

This really is a highly detailed model. It is in New Mint condition, with its Mike Mercury figure, who looks just like the puppet figure in the TV series.

Supercar was Gerry Anderson's first supermarionation children’s sci-fi adventure TV series.

It is now over fifty years since Supercar was first aired on TV.

This model has been removed from its box so I could photograph the SUPERCAR.

It has been re-packaged carefully in place.

There are some features on this model, the wings are retractable and there is an antennae which has to be plugged into a small hole behind the cockpit. It is taped on the plastic panel next to the display stand setup underneath the SUPERCAR. Be sure to remove it gently using a knife or exacto blade to cut the tape away.

The box has minor shelf wear but is in good condition. (see pictures)

I originally paid $90.00 for this and am willing to sell it at below cost because of need for helping with my illness.

I have cancer (colorectal cancer) and am going to be undergoing surgery for
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