'Gethsemane' Creative Arts Inc, 1967 by Victor - JESUS

'Gethsemane' Creative Arts Inc, USA 1967 by Victor - JESUS

This is stunning. One of the greatest religious and Christian art pieces I have seen. It almost brings tears to my eyes, it is so beautiful. Entitled, 'GETHSEMANE', you find Jesus praying by a mountain. The painting is done up so well, the brightness of the evening, casts a glow upon Him. In the corner of the rock, it has engraved, BY VICTOR. On the bottom of the base, it is engraved, 'Gethsemane', Creative Arts Inc, U.S.A. 1967. It is made of heavy plaster and is painted black with white accents. It measures 11 x 15 inches and has a hanger on the back. Jesus and the rock stick out about 4 inches. It is heavy and in excellent condition, no cracks.