GETTYSBURG VET - Civil War CDV - John S Garrett 46 PA

CHOICE Civil War CDV of a GETTYSBURG VETERAN! Corporal John S. Garrett, Co. "A", 46th PA and later Sergt., Co "E", 3rd U.S.V.V. of Hancock's Veteran Corps.

A GETTYSBURG VETERAN! This vintage, Civil War-era CDV of Corporal John S. Garrett, of Co. "A", 46th PA is in very good condition . A seated-view, the image is clean and clearly depicts his Sergeant chevrons . Carte recorded while Garrett was serving later in war as a Sergeant, 3rd United States with Hancock's Veteran Volunteer Corps. Look carefully at scans for details. T is a "City Gallery, Springfield, Ill." backmark (BM). In addition, a red, one cent proprietary revenue stamp is also on back. Period ink on back also id's carte as "Photograph of John S. Garret Presented by him to his friend Ellis Sones at Camp Butler, Ills."

This carte came with a large grouping of Co "E", 3rd U.S.Veteran Volunteer images collected by Ellis Sones, of Muncy, PA. Sones served three years in the 84th PA before enlisting in the 3rd USVV.

Further details about John S. Garrett, of Co. "A", 46th PA, U.S.A. :

Enlisted September 2, 1861 as a Corporal in Co. "A", 46th PA. This Company was largely recruited at LEWISTOWN, MIFFLIN COUNTY, PA Garrett's name appears on the PENNSYLVANIA MEMORIAL AT GETTYSBURG (see picture) indicating his presence on that battlefield. Mustered
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