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This is one of several antitique bottles we are offering at this time from a Pittsburgh establishment, found walled up in the building. These are "attic" bottles, not dug. Note that we have a very early bottle of beer/ale, which is unopened, a real find, as well as a mineral water bottle! While the glass does have flaws the glass is in good condition, not chipped or cracked. Some have corks and the corks are broken or chipped. Some have labels, the labels are soiled and many have tears or are frayed as pictured. The bottle is about 9.75 inches tall. The label is soiled and has some scratched and tears. It is a little hard to read in places because of the soiling. It claims that this mineral/spring water is to treat several ailments including dyspepsia rheumatism, gout, diabetes, kidney and urinary diseases in general. It also claims to be a remedy for a list of other ailments This is a rare mineral water bottle, even rarer with the label! Note I have not attempted to clean this.

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