GG-A7339 Dauphine. Vallons de la Meije. Vue du village

Place/TypeDauphine. Vallons de la Meije Description/Subject Vue du village de Clos Section France Item Type RP Condition. (Please read key below) B Publisher Oddeux Notes Fine Card

Abbreviations. Key.

Postcard Type : RP = Real Photo, PR=Print ART= Atist Drawn.

Non-Postcards: CDV= Item is a Carte de Visite rather than a Postcard. Cabinet= Item is a Cabinet Card rather than a Postcard. Photo= Item is a Photograph rather than a postcard. PB= Same size as a postcard, but plain backed and not originally intended for posting.

Condition: (A-E. Much along the line of school grades)

A= Very Clean and almost Mint,

B= Minor Wear. Possibly with very small corner creases or verylight creasing. Little Corner Wear.

C= Fair. Showing wear. May have small corner creases, minor album marks, postmark traces, medium corner wear, light foxing or small blemishes.

D= With Faults. Card Worn, Soiled, Creased or Clipped. May have small tear, less than 1cm.

E= With Damage. Card may be Torn, Dirty, Heavily Creased, or Cut down in Size.

Other Information


Has it been posted? If an item has been posted, and I can read the postmark, I will give a year of posting. eg p/m 1907

Is the card a genuine old card or a reproduction.? In the odd case that a card is a
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