Ghana Africa Glass Bead Nativity Set with Batik Bag

This unique, handmade nativity is from Ghana, Africa

The ladies in the villages of Ghana, Africa work to make handmade crafts to support their families. I met their representative in 2006. The ladies were currently making figurines out of homemade glass bead for necklaces. I worked with them and help to design different nativity sets using the same beads and styles. They now make these nativity sets daily to help their families. These nativity sets are each unique and each handmade with care. Each set comes in a handmade batik bag. Batik is an art form w the ladies made unique patterns on handdyed fabric, then sew the fabric into clothing, or in this case small bags to hold the nativities.

This nativity set has a handpoured resin base so the figurines will stand alone. Mary and Joseph are 4" tall (not including the hair). The set comes with its own batik bag for storage (BAGS CAN BE DIFFERENT COLORS and DESIGNS - the bag shown is a representative of the style- the bag that comes with the set may be different in color and designs on the bag)

A fabulous addition to your Nativity collection AND also helps keep the ladies in Ghana busy and successful in supporting their families!

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