Ghetto Theresienstadt - Terezin - receipt by inmate for package 1944

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Original postcard from Ghetto Theresienstadt. A woman from Vienna sent a package to an inmate named Fifi Mucha. Mrs. Mucha used this form card which was a receipt and sent it back. The text on the reverse reads:
Theresienstadt, 27.9.1944
My everything ! I thankfully confirm the receipt of your package. Signed by Fifi Mucha.
Please note ! The sender of the package was a woman in Vienna. She wrote the sender address "Fifi Mucha, Theresienstadt, Haupt street 2b". According to the German website, the Haupt street was the site of the SS-Command. I attached you a scan with a map from this website. The German website says that inside the Waffen SS Command was also the Post office, so Mrs. Fifi Mucha picked up there her package and sent this offered card from this post office.