Ghirelli Our Lady Undoer of Knots Rosary Blue Glass Italy Mother Mary Untier

This rosary is designed and made by hand in Italy by Ghirelli, rosary maker to the Vatican.

Beautiful centerpiece based on the painting which represents the devotion (see below.)

Fire-polished Bohemian glass beads in blue - extremely high quality long-lasting construction

The rosary comes with a devotional prayer card and velveteen pouch.

Mary, Undoer of Knots or Mary, Untier of Knots

is the name of both a Marian Devotion and a Baroque painting which represents that devotion.

The painting by Johann Georg Melchior Schmidtner, of around 1700, is in the Catholic Pilgrimage Church of St. Peter am Perlach,

otherwise known as the Perlach church, in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany.

Pope Francis saw the image while in Germany as a student and promoted her veneration in Latin America.