New Ghost Blue Dodge Challenger Concept ho slot car Xtraction ultra AW afx

Hello, For sale is a new Dodge Challenger Concept Car. Transparent Ghost Ice Blue color. Black hood,roof and trunk. Silver griile says RT in red. Hood scoop and black striping on both sides. Red tailight says Dodge. Silver Dodge symbol on the hood. Lots of realistic looking details. Sharp car. Comes in sealed jewel case-pictured is my personal car.

Chassis:new Auto World Xtraction chassis with the Ultra G traction magnet. These cars run great and handle well. Stock tires and slicks on the rear.

Also have many other Ho Slot Cars for sale. Checkout my auctions and store. Will ship all the cars You can buy in a week for $4.95 in the U.S. They ship by Priority Mail. These work on: Aurora , AFX , Tomy Tyco LifeLike style tracks. Thanks for looking..wwdixie.