Ghostbusters proton pack/ Mattel neutrino wand. Kit package replica

Up for auction is a Ghostbuster proton pack kit replica. This kit includes 1 ALICE pack frame with straps and kidney protector, wire and hose set which does include the rainbow ribbon cable GB2 style. Resin crank knob, resin 'ladder' part of the pack, resin clippard for the proton pack, a fiberglass proton pack shell custom made and a mattel collector neutrino wand. The fiberglass proton pack shell is custom made and the fiberglass was hand laid it will need some trimming, filling, and sanding before paint and attached to a motherboard. Since the fiberglass proton pack shell was custom made it does have some inaccuracies and will need some additional filler and trimming before paint. The fiberglass shell is very sturdy and rigid due to several layers of resin and fiberglass. The neutrino wand is a Mattel collector item. The gun turns on and lights up, but unfortunately the tip of the wand does not extend and the strobe light in that tip does not work, sometimes causing the start-up light sequence to fail. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Please view listing in its entirety before bidding, payment is due directly after bid ends unless other agreements were worked out prior to bid ending. Thanks