Ghostbusters Trap Molded Mug with Slime

TRAP YOUR UNCAFFEINATED ATTITUDE! Most of us look like ghosts when we get up in the morning. We mumble, we stumble, we knock things over, and we consume large amounts of sausages. We answer the phone with "Whaddya want?" Some of us have been mistaken for free-floating, full-torso, vaporous apparitions.
Wanna trap us, change our attitude, and make us productive? GIVE US COFFEE!
Experience total protonic reversal with the Ghostbusters Trap Molded Mug (with Slime!). This nuclear-powered mug (not really) holds 28 ounces of your favorite caffeinated beverage (really), which will really bust some heads (in a spiritual sense, of course). And when you reach the bottom of your beverage, fresh slime awaits you!
Product Specifications
Ghostbusters Trap Molded Mug with Slime Officially-licensed Ghostbusters merchandise Steals the soul of uncaffeinated grumpies Capacity: 28 oz. Did you read that? TWENTY EIGHT OUNCES. That's dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria capacity we're talkin'. Perfect for the half-asleep ghoul that's tearing up the kitchen Care Instructions: Do not microwave. Hand wash only. Ages 14+