GI Joe 1994 Star Brigade PREDACON Alien Bounty Hunter

This auction is for a: 1994 GI Joe Star Brigade "PREDACON" Alien Bounty Hunter

Note: The 1994 run of GI Joes was extremely small due to lack of popularity and these figures are not common because of that.

Figure condition: The figure is still sealed in the factory bubble. Therefore it is 100% complete and in unplayed with, brand new condition.

Package condition: Is in nice shape with just light storage wear. In my opinion it is in overall C8 shape.

If you have any further questions please email me before bidding. Please note that if something is not specifically described or pictured as being part of this auction listing, then it is not included.




I do not grade loose figures C-10.


Mint figure that is out of the package, but has no flaws. The figure may have been recently removed from the package.


Near Mint to Mint figure that may have the slightest flaw such as an extra dot of paint or a tiny dot of paint missing.


Near mint figure that may have some small spots of paint wear.


Excellent to Near Mint figure with more paint wear and signs of age (i.e. rusty screws, cracked elbows (on GI Joe figures), etc.). Still an excellent looking figure, but
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