GI Joe ARAH 1983 SkyStriker XP-14F Jet Vehicle! F-14! Near Complete! Lot #2

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Vintage Hasbro 1983


A Real American Hero

Skystriker XP-14F Jet!
Details:This is an original 1983 GI Joe Skystriker from the ARAH line. It is in very good condition (except for some yellowing on the bottom side) considering it was produced almost 30 years ago. It comes with everything seen in the pictures above. The top side retains it's natural color while the bottom side shows some yellowing. The canopy is NOT cracked or broken and works fine. The wings and landing gear work with ease. It still has all six missiles, two thrusters, two seats, two access panels, and both vertical tail fins (Check out the last picture). It is missing both parachutes and pilot: Ace. It has sticker/decal wear and is in "played with" condition. This Skystriker would be great for display or play. I can not find any cracks at all!
Item History: I have listed as much detail as I know of this item. I bought this item a while back to add to my own collection, but I have decide to sell off most of my collection. To my knowledge, this item is all original and has no broken or missing parts except for those that were listed in the "Details" above. Please ask any questions or request addition information about this item before bidding.
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