GI Joe Cobra 1985 Moray Hydrofoil Boat Near Complete Vehicle ARAH CLEAN!

1985 GI Joe Cobra Moray Comes near complete. Only missing one windshield and of course the spot light lens. The Moray has all the other parts including both cannons that still have the stabilizer rod and peg intact. One cannon does have a broken tab, but is still stays solid. Gun turret moves well and gun will also stay upright. Both top missiles included, spotlight, hatch doors, all 4 intact machine guns, engine, cover, intact exhaust system, storage covers, seats, steering wheel, center gun, right windshield (broken tab, but still fits in well), all 4 missiles in pop up box included too. I had to repair the bracket for the missile pop up box. It works well and the repair is not noticeable. (Super Glue). You can easily find a replacement box on eBay if you want to switch it out. No decals on the outside, but some on the interior. Hydrofoil action lever works great, all pieces intact. The hull might have a few broken tabs where the body snaps on, but I can't really tell a difference. This boat is solid. Very clean and really doesn't look like it was played with, little to no wear. see pics for a better look. I will be listing more vehicles such as the Whale, APC, Dragonfly, MOBAT, huge vehicle lot and more. I start all my auctions at .99 cents with no reserve. Check out my other auctions. I accept paypal and other forms of payments.

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