GI Joe Convention 2013 Night Force complete Bagged Set 15 figures

Complete G.I. Joe 2013 Convention Set!

The official G.I. Joe convention runs from April 4th until April 7 th 2013 this year.

If you can't attend the convention this year but want the set, then this auction is perfect for you. This set is already sold out to non attendees!

This is a pre-order for the G.I. Joe Night Force bag set.

The picture provided comes from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club. See the picture for details.

I will be attending the convention this year and will ship out your auction Monday, April 8th, the day after the conference ends.

I always ship with delivery confirmation, which is why I only ship to the U.S. No International bidders please.

Payment is due within 3 days after the auction is over.