GI Joe Gung Ho 1983 MOC MISB Sealed MIB Unopened ARAH 20 Back First Release

You are bidding on a MOC Gung Ho figure from 1983. This is first release version on the more sought after 20 back card. The condition is as follows:
Card: The card lays relatively flat and is exceptionally glossy (probably the glossiest vintage card I've ever seen). There is a small tear in the "G" on front with what looks like a light hang tab indentation above it. Must have been pressed at the factory that way. There is an odd "gloss line" from the word "Swivel" up to the picture of his gun on front. I don't know what else to call it. It's not a crease. You can only see it in the light at an angle. There's also a light mark around the accessory bubble to the left. It's hard to explain. It almost looks like they may have pressed the bubble on upside down first and then corrected it. This too is very faint and only seen at an angle. It's not a crease and does not deter from the card at all. I couldn't even get it to show up in a picture. Just wanted to make the buyer aware. The back is superb and doesn't even have the accessory bubble vein. There are a couple of tiny spots missing from the litho but it appears it was the way the card was printed, not a tear of any sort. There is also a weird streaking effect in the black on top on back, only seen in the light at an angle. Once again, it appears to have been done in printing.
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