GI JOE JETPACK LIMITED TREASURY EDITION #155 last issue #21 cover plus more

Here's the JETPACK COMICS llc Limited Edition Variant for the GI JOE Treasury Edition

This will be the Lowest Print Run of ANY GI JOE comic EVER. There are only 400 copies of the Jetpack Comics edition being produced!

Measuring 9 inches x 14 inches this special GI JOE Edition reprints the last issue of the Marvel Gi Joe series as well as a few other issues.

The back cover is the infamous Gi Joe #21 cover!

AS usual Jetpack Comics has come up with the cover that everyone is going to want!

From the Jetpack Comics Website! "See those big venues masquerading as little guys with their exclusives? Don't be fooled. These "chains" have print runs that ridiculously exceed the Jetpack editions in thousands upon multiples." At Jetpack Comics, we work hard to produce limited edition investment grade collectibles that rival the "big box" stores. If someone has a chain of more than 5 stores you need to ask yourself how rare is their book and how much will your investment be worth when "x" thousands of people flood the market with their copies. Jetpack Comics exclusive editions are always produced in a qty of 1,000 or less! When it comes to investment grade comics, the lower the print run, the better!



Jetpack Comics
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