GI Joe Killer WHALE Hovercraft 1984 with figure ARAH

Up for sale is a GI Joe Killer WHALE Hovercraft from Hasbro. This vehicle is complete with all of its accessories, blueprints and Cutter figure with his file card. Everything is there including the 6 missiles, 6 depth charges, 4 wheels, recon sled and motorcycle. This is a clean example and will display well in a collection.
There are a few items worthy of mentioning. One of the vanes has a broken attachment pin and a broken hinge. One fan has a shaft broken off. Both pieces are there and can be repaired. The wind screen around the cockpit has a small chip broken off the corner. That piece is also included. The instruction sheet/blueprints have a small, discolored brown area on the blueprint side.
The gear box works well and will spin the propellers. The recon sled launches out easily when the button is pushed.
I am selling most of my GI Joe collection from my childhood. They were all owned and cared for by my self. Most of them have only been played with indoors. With very few noted exceptions, these figures and vehicles are complete with their file card and accessories. I am using The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe 1982-1994 by Mark Bellomo as a reference for what accessory each figure came with.
I only sell to the United States. I can combine shipping if you win multiple auctions. Let me know before you pay and
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