GI Joe A Real American Hero Arashikage Clash 2-Pack Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow

This listing is for a brand new, factory sealed Hasbro Toys R Us Exclusive G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Arashikage Clash Action Figure 2-Pack featuring Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow .
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Product Overview Includes two figures - Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow. Create exciting adventures with G.I. Joe action figures. Send G.I. Joe heroes on covert missions to fight Cobra. Ramp up the action with exciting vehicles for land, sea or air. Build your army of G.I. Joe heroes and evil Cobra villains. Product Description It's the ultimate showdown with the Arashikage Clash 2-pack! Once friends, then rivals and now bitter enemies - Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow square off in a battle of light versus dark, Joe versus Cobra, Young Master versus Silent Master. With several weapons to choose from and decades of ninja training each this will be the final battle to settle the score. Who will emerge victorious from the Arashikage Clash 2-pack?