GI Joe Sandstorm Survival Adventure Jeep

GI Joe Sandstorm Survival Adventure Jeep. This is a wonderful piece the jeep is in nice condition for it's age.. No marks on the jeep it self. The unit has been stored for the last 25 years in our garage. Of the pieces listed we are missing a few I will list "highlight" those items missing.. Here are the items listed as included in the box. Jeep, Tent, Poles , Poncho, Pith Helment, Blinker Light, Life Raft,& Paddle, Net , Croccodile, Supply Chest,, Canteen, & Cover, Mess Kit , Flare Gun, Map & Case, Knife,& Scabbard, Shovel, Rifle, Shovel, & Pick Axe. The Jeep was made in the USA, all other items were made in Hong Kong. The box is in fair condition, the picture is nice but the ends of the box has some torn edges. Measurements of the unit and box are listed as 11 1/4 x 7 1/2 & 21 1/2 long... If you have any additional questions drop me a note.

Note: There is a crack on the windshield piece . It is through and through, I have made no attempt to glue or make any kind of repairs. It would be an easy fix. I can not find how the steering wheel attaches to the dash. There are no broken pieces there. I am including the piece. Otherwise the jeep is in good shape, no heat marks on the surface.

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