GI Joe U.S. Marshal

He's baaaack!

On the run for 5 years Marshal Joe is back and better than ever. The Government tried to eliminate him, tried to wipe away his existence but he fought back and after a long journey he is back with a vengeance.He's looking for a new home...and that could be your home. So help bring this Hero back home...BID EARLY, BID OFTEN and most important of all BID HIGH!!

GI Joe U.S Marshal appeared on the scene in late 2001as a part of the Heroes Collection, but was on the Walmart shelves a very brief time. Apparently Hasbro neglected to obtain permission from the U.S Marshals Service and they were promptly served with a court order to pull all of the figures off the shelves. Only a few brave ones survived! Eventually Hasbro did put out another "authorized" US Marshal figure that sold at ToysR Us but this was the first and original Joe.


- GI Joe Figure

- Shotgun

- Helmet

- Pants (Hard to be a Hero with no pants)

- Sneakers

- Walkie-Talkie

- Vest

- Handcuffs