GI Joe Vintage Action Soldier---Original Body Parts---Head Lot of 5---1964/68---

Vintage GI Joe 12 inch,,,,Action Figure,,,,Action Soldier/Marine/Pilot/Sailor,,,,Body Parts,,,,,Head Lot,,,,,,1960s,,,,,,,,

These Heads are in Various Played with Condition,,,,,Original Hasbro Action Soldier/Marine/Pilot/Sailor Head lot of 5 from the 1960s,,,,this lot includes all you see in the photos,,,,,,,,look close at the pics to see the conditions of all 5,,,all of the heads have some type of issue,,(one has had his ears cut off,,painting on another,scratches,nicks,and other issues),,,,,,,,all 10 heads are originals and not reproductions,,,, ,,,,

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