GI Joe Vintage Hasbro AT Volcano pack DF103

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GI Joe Vintage Hasbro AT Volcano pack DF103 DFF__103_


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Original Vintage GI Joe Hasbro 1960s-70s

Description Vintage HASBRO collectible . Is a Original from the 1960-70s era. Item description is in exact condition as seen in the photo it is in (this is not a Replica or Fake)The item was bought ethier fromthe person that hadthisasa child or a collector that purchased and decidedto sell to us. We buy Hundreds of GI Joe vintage Collections and lot each month. We are starting our new system . Each item will be given a unique identification number which is in title. Photo Name matches item number which is sealed and put in to a pulling system to be mailed once itemis won or purchasedthisinsure the item you are viewing and buying will be the exact item you have seen the in the photo. The condition varies oneach individual item.. SELLING WORLDWIDE,
Buying Tons of collections and lots thru out the month . We always have new stock in Vintage GI JOE .
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