Gi Joe Nice vintage TALKING Action Marine w/ Equipment!

Here we have a Hard to Find 1967 Hard Head Gi Joe Talking Marine. Set comes with excellent matching Fatigues, Very clean Tall Brown Combat Boots (one poke mark on the bottom of one of them), Excellent Fatigue Hat Made in the USA #2 on the inside. Original Dog Tag and Chain. The figure Has Blond Hair and Brown Eyes. Wear showing on eyebrows, hair looks very good. somewhat loose at the waist like most vintage talkers, has cracks at knees and two on the left forearm, I didn't have room on the post to show one on the back of the forearm. He is a Good talker but not perfect, sounds a bit slow and deliberate when he talks, I can understand what he is saying almost every time. He has the original Talker Comic Book In good shape. He also comes with a complete vintage Marines Communications Poncho set #7701 with all Item in Near Mint Condition. Camo Poncho with all snaps and the early Hood that is sewn on separate. Perfect Wire Roll. Perfect Field Radio, straps are not stretched and the clip is on the receiver. Carbine Rifle, Nothing Broken, original strap, light play wear. Perfect Field Telephone, No split corners and good strap. Binoculars, strap is starting to get bad but it is still there. Field Map and Case Very Good. Large Marine Manual Very good. I think that is everything. Very Cool Talking Marine Soldier. Very clean Gi Joe collectable


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