GIANT Black HAND SHAPED CHAIR Retro 70's 32" adult size

About This Item(s):

You are are bidding on a NEW GIANT right Hand Shaped Chair. It is solid BLACK in color. It is surprisingly very comfortable to sit in.

The chair is very durable and thick (approximately 3/8" thick). It can be used outdoors or indoors and can easily support 300+ pounds. The plastic is UV light resistant and will not fade or peel. If using the chair outdoors it easily cleans up with windex /fantastic or any non-abrasive spray cleaner.

We have been the original seller of the Hand Shaped Chair since 2001

and have sold over 1050 chairs, worldwide.

The dimensions of the chair are approximately:

Base: 19" x 19" Base to fingertips (Height): 32 ½" Palm (Width & Depth): 21" x 20" Seating area height: 17 ½" The hand chair is great for:

· Patio · Pool-side · Outdoor deck · Game room · Class room · Garage · Bedroom · Basement · Billiards room · College dorm · Home office · Frat house · Workplace break room

The thumb has a notch in it, which can be used as a cup holder. It is very comfortable. The weight of the chair is approximately 25 pounds.

The color of the chair pictured compared to the actual chair can vary slightly due to different computer monitors and different batches of plastic.

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