Giant by Edna Ferber Copyright 1952

This is a 57 year old novel about a women in the state of Texas and how she is viewing everything in the 1950's. This is a hard cover book with a dust jacket that is included. The dust jacket has had tape put around the edges by the previous owner, and this tape, w it has been removed, has left a dark orange stain. This stain is found on the inside flaps of the dust jacket. The covering plastic is separating especially on the spine. The plastic that has separated on the spine and has been pulled tight has a small puncture mark (1cm), and the top edge has shelf wear visibly see-able. The front cover dust jacket is in the best condition with no damage what so ever, without regard to the tape on the edges. The back cover dust jacket has a small hole (1cm) and a few other small holes (1mm) around the writing. The writing itself though has no damage. The dust jacket seems to be held down by the tape, but I am not sure. I don't want to put much force and investigation due to fear of ruining the book. The cover itself though appears in excellent condition. The font cover has possible strip of tape in the center, but once again little investigation as to what it is, or if it should be t The orange stain from the removed tape on the front inside flap on the dust jacket has put a stain on the first page. T is also a stamp on the first page ... read more