Giant Insect Bug Collection Double Glass Wood Frame

Giant Insect Collection
Varnished Wood Frame
Thick Beveled Glass
"Torynorrhina flammea"
"Cyrtotrachelus longimanus"
"Eupatorus gracilicomis"
"Catoxantha opulenta"
"Chrysochroa Buqueti rugicollis"
"Xylotrupes Gideon"
"Paraleprodera crucifera"
"Sarga sp."
"Family Acriddae"
"Cryptotymapana mandarina"
"Diastocera wallichi tonkinensis"
"Neolucanus latus"
"Catoxantha saundersii"
"Lucanus fryi"
"Megaloxantha bicolor"
"Odontolabis mouhotii elegans"
Some of the worlds most beautiful art is on the wings of insects. You will be mesmerized by the colorful complexity of these glorious insects. The balance and symmetry is the goal of any aspiring artist or architect. This beautiful display is 14.75 " wide x 8.75" tall and 1.75" thick . We mount using two pieces of glass because the front is as beautiful as the back. We also use the latest mounting technique that eliminates all smells associated with mothballs. This is important because displays using mothballs inside the frame have a strong odor. The use of beveled glass adds to the beauty of this display. It can sit on a shelf or be hung on the wall. This is a very high quality display.
We obtain our insects from suppliers that support rainforest farming and have all required license.
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