Giant Tall Henry Hite Souvineer Photos Manager Letters

This is a special lot containing two letters to me written in 1989 by the retired manager of giant tall man Henry Hite. The letters are fascinating and give perhaps the most written information about the life and work of Henry particularly as it related to his role as the Corn King Giant. Also included in this lot are three souvineer photo information cards that Henry passed out at personal appearances. T are a set of two identical cards which have on the fronts "Courtesy of Corn King Bacon & Ham" with his statistics on the back which list his height at 8' 2" (perhaps exagerated), size 22 shoes, born in Atlanta, Georgia 1915, etc. One card is in poor condition with some old stains on it but the other example is in good condition. It has a child's name on it plus the subtraction of 1915 from 1968 (Henry's age 53) which gives us the date of this card. The other souvineer photo card shows Henry and his 5' 3" wife standing near an elevator and the front reads "Courtesy of Wilson Foods Henry Hite. The back lists statistics as well This is a later card than the other two - his weight had dropped from 300 lbs to 270 and his $250. suits were now costing $350.

Regarding the letters it wasn't easy back then tracking down someone who knew Henry but with diligence I prevailed and got in touch with the retired national merchandising
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