Gibson Les Paul 1970 guitar

Up for sale Gibson Les Paul Gold Top I bought this guitar few months back from gentleman from Tennessee. This gentelman claim that this guitar was made in 1968 and was one a few ordered by Mike Ladd of Mike Ladds Guitars. Mike had the shop right across the street from Graceland and he custom paint and built guitars for lot of famous people, including: Elvis Presley, Leslie West, Jimmy Page and others. In late '60s Mike got Gibson Les Paul guitars from Gibson unfinished and you could specify the finish, pickups, etc.
This is one of the examples from internet how the story goes:
St. Blues Guitars was born in the heart of the Delta, where country tangled with the blues and spawned the true birthplace of Rock & Roll, Memphis. On the street now called Elvis Presley Boulevard, across the way from Graceland, Mike Ladd and Tom Keckler were doing something magical with guitars at Mike Ladd’s Guitar City. Seems whenever these boys laid hands on someone’s guitar, it just played a whole lot better. Hell, they even customized one for the King ordered by his father. You can see him play it in “Aloha From Hawaii”.
Now the story of this guitar will become even more interesting. I bought this guitar without hardware meaning: no tuners, bridge, tale piece, pickups and pots. And right after that I send this guitar to Gibson repair
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