Gigantic Keuffel & Esser Cylindrical Slide Rule

This is an amazingly beautiful Keuffel & Esser high-precision cylindrical slide rule, with wooden case. The high precision (five significant figures, as described on the label) is due to its sheer size -it's about 2.5 long and the diameter is around 6 inches. As with all slide rules, the larger they are, the more demarcations that can be printed on their scales, and the more precise their calculating ability.
I hope the pictures I've included are of high enough resolution to show the excellent condition of this slide rule. Other slide rules of this make and model almost always have faded, worn, weatd scales. This one has been kept in its wooden box for as long as I can remember, and has also been protected from moisture with five large bags of desiccant (which will be shipped with the slide rule). As a result, the scales are in mint condition with little to no fading or wear, and the entire device looks fabulous. I know of no flaws in its aesthetics, structure or functioning. The cylinder slides and turns easily in the outer slide runners. The box that it comes in is also in excellent condition, but does have some slight flaws - a short crack in the top, and some other very slight dings and scratches. It is structurally very sound, and the finish is also in great condition.
Some specs (if they are not visible in the pics)
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