Gilbert Film Collection W/ AF Factory Tour On DVD -

A view of the Gilbert Film Collection DVD front cover...

A view of the Gilbert Film Collection DVD rear cover...

Gilbert Film Collection on Video- 'Adventures In Science' & 'Gilbert Film Spectacular' Plus - AF Factory Tour!

's a little gem for ya - A great combination of 1950's era A.C. Gilbert produced films on one video: 'Adventures In Science' & 'Gilbert Film Spectacular'.

Produced for the President's Committee on Engineers and Scientists, this film was meant to inspire the youngster to pursue a career in the budding Aerospace and Atomic Energy industry. The kids are shown playing with Gilbert Science toys and are shown how science has been used for National Defense as well as technological advances. Made duing the Cold War, the film stresses the need for engineers and scientists in order to keep America in the forefront of world leadership.

'Gilbert Film Spectacular' is a 1959 compendium of TV spots showing ads and promotions for Gilbert products. It was meant a sales tool and was shown to retailers, jobbers and distributors. The collection includes scenes w AF trains are used in the plot of several popular TV shows from that period. Gilbert products were also promoted on game shows as well. Contestants would guess the price of a complete Science Lab or Frontiersman set and, as
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