Gilbert Instruction sheets for trains, accessories & Erector sets on DVD

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Newly revised and updated. Now bigger than ever.

Version 7 2012

Over 1200 instruction sheets, books and variations.

Many Erector Books and sheets

Many of these are quite rare and sell for more than this DVD

These are not complete and never will be.

This is available now on DVD ONLY . It has gotten too large for Cd's

Recorded in Adobe "PDF" format for easy viewing or printing.

DVD Contains 8054 Adobe pages

There are no other listings like this on Ebay. Here is the only place you can buy this DVD.

For the price, this can't be beat. If would cost you over $1000 to buy all these if you can even find them.

These instruction sheets all begin with the letter "M". They include instructions for American Flyer: S, HO and O gauges, plus labels, service station lists, some parts breakdowns for engines, other items like Chemistry books, Erector books and other items with no numbers.

Did you know that most instruction sheets for trains are actually wiring diagrams to show you how to wire accessories from track to transformer? This can be invaluable if you are not familiar with the accessory. Some
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