Rare Giles cartoons-London Opinion magazine

Hi. You are bidding for a copy of London Opinion Magazine from Jan 1947. This magazine was started sometime in 1903 and ran until 1954 when it was merged to form the somewhat racy ( for its time!) Men Only magazine. It was aimed at a male audience and each issue usually contained articles, jokes, anecdotes and a rather artistic female nude.But what's so special about this particular issue is that it contains a six page article about the celebrated cartoonist Carl Giles, as well as six of his early cartoons.Most of the article is a discussion about the first Giles No 1 Annual. After his death, all of Giles's work was transferred to the British Cartoon Archive at the University of Kent where it was archived and catalogued. I have checked this onlive archive and cannot find any trace of this article. This could mean that I'm not very good at checking the archive, or they haven't got round to catalogueing it yet or perhaps, this is one article that has slipped through the net?Either way, it's a somewhat rare piece of Giles memorablia and a must for any serious collector of Carl Giles.As for the condition of the magazine, considering it's over 60 years old, it's in very good condition. The staples are slightly rusted as usual, but that's it! !