Gill Glass and fixture company chandelier 2 for 1

These fixtures came out of a house built in the mid 20's to mid 30's The UL sticker in both fixtures says Gill Glass and Fixture Company. I spoke with a local antique dealere and he had no Idea of the worth of the fixtures. He did say t is a lot of brass and copper in them. He used a magnet to come to this descision. They both work great and have no cosmetic or functional flaws. They just do not fit into what we are trying to do with the room they were hung in. We did a little research on the Gill Glass and fixture company and have come to the conclusion that they were probably the last of the original light fixtures left in the old "fixer-uper" house we purchased. Please feel frree to ask for more pictures if interested I will take pictures at your request I do not know what to look for in antique lights so let me know and I will be happy to take pictures of what ever part of the lights you want to see. Also Please be aware t are 2 fixtures as shown in the first piture. This auction is for both fixtures.