Gillette Patent New all chrome plated brass Weishi double edge razor Heavyweight



Note, this is a display carded product. Razor and contents are new and perfect, display card may have nicks and tears. Includes Razor and one blade.

Ever wanted to experience the double edge shaving experience at a reasonable price?

Here is the opportunity to own a brand new, all metal construction, beautifully chromed double edge razor like the one your Dad and Grandfather shaved with. AND THIS ONE IS A HIGH QUALITY WEISHI Model 9306H, ONE OF THE BEST DOUBLE EDGE RAZORS MADE NEW TODAY!

Beware, not all Weishis are created equal. This one is all metal, not made of aluminum like the cheaper models. This one weighs a full 1.9 ounces.

If a Weishi model number does not start with 9306, it is not chrome plated brass!

The same heft as the famous maker double edge razors of a half century ago. Some Weishis weigh half this amount, and are not as heavy for a well controlled shave. This razor comes on a display card, rather than in the plastic box that you will throw away soon after receiving it any way, so save yourself some $ and get this one.

This razor has the mild blade angle that the hefty Weishis are famous for. You will be happy with this one!!

This razor is built on the expired patent
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