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China Late 1800's - Early 1900's

Description composed by world renowned Asian expert & appraiser, Mr. Anthony Lee. His bio is below.

China late 1800's - early 1900's. Gilt Lacquer Wall Hanging Decor Panel Painting Carved Soapstone Figures Details.The single panels with frame decorated in gilt designs on the black lacquer, the panel with inset carved and stained soapstone and bone images of two lovers in a pine bowery, a lady on a terrace with elaborate floral arrangements and a gentleman visiting with a servant holding a parasol. Some shrunkage to the panel and associated cracking along the grain in the lacquer, wear and slight chipping in areas - see photos. All inset material seems

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For those not familiar with Anthony Lee here is his bio: Anthony M. Lee is an institutional, market and collection consultant specializing in the arts of China, Japan, Korea, Himalayan Kingdoms, South and Southeast Asia. Starting as a salesperson at age 14 in Chinese antiques in a family business, he went on to university studies in Asian arts, as well as receiving his licenses in tea ceremony, with further studies of ceramics and religious art over eight years in Japan. For several years he was an associate dealer with Sotheby's online site and consultant with various auction houses and museums. Anthony has acted as consultant to over 20 museums, government agencies and trusts including the largest museums in Canada and the US, as well as major collectors, dealers, insurance and transportation companies worldwide. He is considered by many to be one of the foremost experts in the world in Asian Art & Artifacts. Anthony Lee started a website ages ago called Asianart. It is a place to post photos of your items and have experts identify them for you. (You can still post things there and folks will help you.) He no longer moderates it and identifies things for us here on eBay as an old friend.

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