Gio Apogee Guitar Interface (Mac)

This is the GIO Apogee interface for Mac. I got this 17 months ago and have only used it once. I have the original box and wires and will be ready to use straight from the box!
This piece of equipment is wonderful to use and is designed in such a way that is user friendly and can create clean music from your electric guitar, that plugs straight in. I got it striaght out the box, plugged it in via a USB and it worked in conjunction with Garage Band instantly, very self explanatory.
I am not musically minded so the technical side is not for me to say, but this link should explain more /products/gio.php
I am away from the 31st July to the 8th August, but feel free to answer any questions and Ill get backto you asap. I don't think you'll find a better deal else where as this is pretty much brand new!