Giovanni Paolo Maggini Contralto Copy M20 Viola 16.25


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Winner of this auction can choose bows and cases in the following tables for upgrade. Please send us an email to request a revised invoice if you win the auction, enclosing a note about the model name of upgraded items.

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5Star Top Pernambuco Viola Bow

Upgrade Price 55GBP 59GBP 79GBP 55GBP 59GBP 200GBP 59GBP



Model Name #87A #88F #88B #I85 #90C Top Pernambuco #HZA04



Description Carbon Fiber GraphicCarbon OX Horn Silver Carbon OX Horn IPE Silver Pernambuco Silver Top Pernambuco Silver Plywood Adjustable (15"-17")

Foam Case (for

Foam Case (for 16" & 16.5")

A M20 Viola, 16.25", Best Model

Giovanni Paolo Maggini Contralto Viola Copy

(With a high quality bow and a standard case)

Item Description & Specification Item Description

This is a new viola model we are making. Very exciting results. This model can be rated as entry level of expensive violas. Arching and f holes are very accurate as original viola. Oil varnish. Professional tone quality.

100% hand made by one maker from the beginning till the end Well air dried maple and spruce Label reads: Ma Zhibin workshop With a high quality brazilwood bow and a standard case. ( Attention: this bow is not for beginners, it's quality is beyond your imagination, and it can be easily sold over 80usd in western violin shops ) What others say about our M20 Viola?

What makes our instruments different with others?

Dry tonewood. Nowdays, it seems every seller/maker claims they use 10+ or 20+ seasoned tonewoods. We are in this business for many years. We know the secrets and see a different story. We can say that less than 10% instruments from China use 5+ years seasoned tonewood. We have seen more and more small factory/workshop use green wood(seasoned less than one year) due to price and time pressure. We stocked enough tonewood for at least 5 years usage. We guranttee all of our instruments use 5+ years seasoned wood. How to judge a fresh wood and well seasoned wood? 1. Use electronic wood moisture scanner. 2. Fresh wood smells sour. 3. Take your instruments to local violin shop. They may know. Warning: violins made from fresh woods have high risk of cracking, losing glue joints and neck wraping.

Tone quality. Our instruments have better controlled plate thickness, about 5% thicker than standard thickness. The tone of our instruments will be better and better as time goes on. Some makers use overly thinned plates. Those instruments will lost tone after several years. How to check thin/normal plates? Use your thumb to press the areas near purfling, and you will know.

Shop standard setup.

Most of makers just throw factory size fingerboard on violins. They don't know those fingerboard is raw, and need to be adjusted. Ebony fingerboard directly from factory are always too thick. bumps on surface. Inaccurate radius.

Our setup standard

Check thickness of fingerboard. I found most of Violins sold in eaby have bulky fingerboard thickness.

The radius of fingerboard need to be checked

High spot area need to be lowered .Check the smoothnee of fingerboard surface. A light concavity is p...
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