Girl and Tear - GUAYASAMIN Ecuador abstract Painting 64

Welcome to Ecuador’s Art Online Gallery. Our reproductions and original art are hand-crafted by local artists from the colonial cities of Guayaquil and Quito. Many of our artists are graduates from the prestigious School of Bellas Artes in Quito. Their trainning, life experiences and specially their innate talent provides them with the best tools to awake all the rich sensations that our art will convey to your eyes.
Our paintings are inspired on the work of renowned Ecuadorian artists such as Oswaldo Guayasamin, Eduardo Kingman, Fernando Botero (Colombian) and many other Ecuadorian artists that are no longer with us. Mainly, Guayasamin’s and Kingman’s art have been chosen due to their nature of portraying the terrible things that mankind is capable of doing to its fellow man. Unconditioned love, anger, fear, injustice, submission and feelings of discrimination are the common themes, but not the only emotions found behind each stroke of their art.
Due to their indigenous backgrounds, these paintings portray the suffering and humiliation that their Incan ancestors endured during the Spanish conquest. Furthermore, scenes from these paintings also awake emotions similar to those lived during the World Wars, The Holocaust, Slavery, dictatorships and the many other crimes against humanity that our present generations have
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