Giuseppe Armani porcelain figure figurine lovers swinging in swing 14in boy girl

Offered is lovely porcelain bisque figurine of a young couple, a boy and girl, swinging in a tree swing under a tall tree. The ropes resemble grapevines with clusters of grapes. "The Swingers," as this piece is sometimes labeled, was copyrighted in 1987. We understand it was retired in 2004.

This elaborate figural statue depicts a knurled tree trunk with green foliage. One tree branch extends outward horizontally, from which a swing has been suspended.

The motion of the swing is captured in the clothing that is flowing in the breeze. The young man's vest and the young woman's full skirts are floating in the air.

These hand painted figures have beautiful facial features. The young woman's lips are slightly parted as she gazes expectantly into the young man's face. Her reddish brown hair is captured under a kerchief, while a hat covers his curly locks.

This piece is marked G. Armani 1987. It also has CN in blue with a crown above it. We understand this to be the mark of the Florence Sculpture d'Arte Studio in Italy.

The figural piece is affixed to a round piece of stained and finished wood.

The figurine stands about 14 inches tall (35.5 cm).

It is in very good used condition. A sprig of foliage has been lost atop the branch that holds the swing. The damaged area has been professionally
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