OLD GLASS BOTTLE Chartreuse : The Monks' Elixir Liquor

The Monks' Elixir Liquor

Up for bid is a very old bottle which was dug up under a home in New York. It has etched on it "Chartreuse " along with other words which I believe to be French. The bottle measures approx. 9-1/2" tall x 3" wide. It has alot of cloudiness but I don't detect any chips. It is amazing it has made it so far without being broken and, i assure you, it will arrive at your doorstep that way as well!

's what a website i found had to say about this bottle and it's origin and contents: In 1605, Francois Hannibal d’Estrees, marshal of the French king’s artillery, gave the Carthusian fathers at their monastery in Vauvert, near Paris, an already ancient manuscript bearing the title "Elixir of Long Life". Following the initial use of portions of the recipe at Vauvert, the manuscript was sent to La Grande Chartreuse. As in all monasteries, at La Grande Chartreuse t was an apothecary, Brother Jerome Maubec, who served the medical needs of the monastery and the residents of the local area with remedies made from local herbs, plants, spices and other ingredients. Early in the 18th century, Brother Maubec undertook the task of unraveling the manuscript’s complex directions for compounding the "Elixir of Long Life." Brother Maubec died before completing this challenge but, on
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