Glass Lantern Slide by William Graystone Bird c1910

Original Glass Plate lantern slide by - William Graystone Bird [British, 19/20th Century] A little known British Pictorialist photographer from the turn of the 20th century who captured the life and times of fishing and farming communities in the south-west of Britain. Due to the destruction of his Bath studio in 1937 three generation of the Bird family’s photographic negatives and prints were destroyed with the demolition of the building. His work is now extremely rare.

I have just received ( 3rd April) the following email from David Graystone Bird for which I am very grateful :

Dear shockwave150,
My name is David Graystone Bird (1862-1943) and I am the Grandson of Owen Graystone Bird, he never used the name Owen and was always known as Graystone. You describe him as a little known photogtapher, it is apparent that you took notice of an incorrect article published some years ago. GB was known throughout the world and gained over 200 gold, silver and bronze medals exhibiting in America, Canada, Switzerland etc. I lecture on the Bird family which includes my Father Charles frederick Grqaystone Bird, Graystone himself and his Father Frederick Charles Bird an eminent Victorian photographer; the Bird family occupied the studios at 38 Milsom St Bath for 73 years GB and FCB were photographers to the Prince of Wales.
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