Glassmasters: Sullivan Stencil 17x5 inches

Glassmasters was in business for 40 years, producing stained glass of the highest order. They silkscreened translucent enamel colors one at a time, drying them, as many as 16 times, then kiln-firing to 1100 degrees to permanently fuse them to the glass. They also reproduced art works for many museums and foundations: Tiffany, Frank Lloyd Wright, Disney, etc.

Unfortunately, Glassmasters went out of business in 2005. We have since acquired their remaining unfinished glass stock. We have been listing it for several years now with satisfactory results. These pieces have not been framed unless specifically stated in the description. They can be included in larger glass designs, framed in glass or came by stained glass artists, or just set upon stands and enjoyed!

Louis Sullivan redecorated the Trading Room of the Chicago Stock Exchange. This piece is the stencil used for the reconstruction undertaken by the Art Institute of Chicago. It measures about 17 by 5 inches.

Remember they have no frames, chains or boxes. We will ship USPS Priority Mail or Flat Rate for multiple purchases. We wrap all glass in bubble wrap and packing material.