Old Glory 7YW Hanoverian Inf and Art Bags! Lots of GUNS here!!!

Here are TWO complete bags of Hanoverian Cavalry ! for the Seven Years War. Can also be used with any European army of the age, esp. British. Both bags were opened to verify the miniatures count! But otherwise are mint! Everything is there.

NOTE: These are the OLDER bags where packaged for the Age of Reason rules. They are the same as the current listings offered by OG, but you get TWICE as many cannon and crew with the art. bag below!

Here is what is included:

1 x SYH 1 - ILine nfantry with Grenadiers (50+ miniatures with 4 or more command sets) 1 x SYH 6 - Artillery with crew. 12 guns with enough crew for all!!! 40+ crew! All kinds of guns as well.

That's a total of 50+ Infantry with command!!! 12 guns with 40+ crew!!! You are getting a good deal on these minis indeed. Great for bolstering your current armies, starting a new one.

Any questions... please ask.

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